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1990 Nissan Sentra

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Curb WeightPounds1800?
Cargo VolumeCubic Feet?
Fuel CapacityGallons?
Seating CapacityNumber of Persons4
Front Head RoomInches?
Front Leg RoomInches?
Rear Head RoomInches?
Rear Leg RoomInches?
Top SpeedMiles Per Hour135 As Tested

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Well, I acquired this car while my licence was suspended, first car with a stick that I owned. I taught most of my friends how to drive a stick on this. I didn't do much with this car, pretty much just back and forth to school, pizza delivery (would go a week on $5 of gas), and one trip to Waukesha, Wisconsin. That one trip it made the entire trip (300+ miles) on a 1/2 tank of gas. Coming back off that trip, I did 115mph in a 45mph work zone (no workers present). A girl that was with me took a video of me doing that...

Sold it to my friend Dave for about $192. That payed off the rest to get my Grand Prix's transmission fixed (about $150) and the remaining amount I owed for my CD player. He pegged the speedometer cable one day that some chicks in a Lumina decided to try to have fun with us. Too bad their Lumina only did ~115mph top. We sped by them and continued going until the needle wouldn't go anymore. We figured about 125-130mph.

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Sentra Parked While My Licence Was Suspended.

That Was It...

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