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1990 Honda Accord EX

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Curb WeightPounds3200
Cargo VolumeCubic Feet14.4
Fuel CapacityGallons17.0
Seating CapacityNumber of Persons5
Wieght DistrobutionPercent F/R61/39
Front Head RoomInches38.8
Front Leg RoomInches42.9
Rear Head RoomInches36.5
Rear Leg RoomInches32.3
Top SpeedMiles Per Hour117 (100 As Tested)

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I probably had the most fun ever in this car.... MANY stories...

First I remember was delivering pizza, getting off and hitting a deer on the way home. what a bitch, broke my driver's headlight mount and dented the one good fender. Reported it to the local police, they said they would send someone out right away to take care of the dying deer. They never went, it was there for a month.

Second thing I remember was delivering pizza where I had to pull in the person's steep driveway, while backing out it ripped the driver's side of my bumper off it's mounts, so I had to drag it around like that until I could get some duct tape. I think the deer broke the mounts, this just further ripped it off.

Third thing was I decided I could drive up the dike backwards (against the law to drive on the dike anyway), that was a bad idea, cause my car went up at a wierd angle and ripped the entire front bumper off, so I just drove home and used more duct tape to put it back on.

Fourth thing I remember was fucking around down in ADM's property in South Clinton and decided I wanted to drive over the railroad tracks right after it flooded not too long ago. That was a bad idea, front tires went over and unibody rested on track, wheels dangling. It was muddy so it was hard to get out, Dave went to get his Lincoln so we could pull it out, but we found a grate and jacked up the car to get it off. Man did we get dirty, plus backing off, the grate ripped my bumper off again. I was just going to leave it off, but instead got ahold of some bunjee straps and bunjeed it on. By the time Dave got there with his Lincoln, we were already at my house inspecting the damage. He was kinda pissed cause he ran like 3 miles home.

Fifth thing I remember was nearly driving it into the Mississippi. I was messing around on a boat dock, dipping the rear end in the water, when it reached the rear tires, the car started to slide backwards. Needless, I got the hell outta there.

Sixth thing I remember was trying to do a shitty in an alley in South Clinton. Didn't work, I ended up sideways in the alley. No problem, I would just back up and leave. Well, I was backing up and didn't see (or hear Paul yelling "POLE!"), so I backed into a pole really fast (about 15mph). The passenger seat broke and one guy in the backseat got slight whiplash. We went to Hy-Vee and inspected it, opened the trunk and couldn't get it closed. Had to drive it to my house where I could attach the car to a tree and pulled the rear end out.

Seventh thing I remember was going to jump a hill on North 7th Street. I did it, and while going down, couldn't stop at the stop sign, so went through it, hit a bump hard, saw sparks flying out behind the car. No problem, except I smelled something like paint. Opened the trunk and my tools were everywhere and they punctured a can of pressurized spray red grease. It made my entire trunk covered with this red grease.

Eighth thing I remember was delivering pizza and hitting the bypass/US Hwy 30 intersection a little too fast, bottomed out, and ripped the exhuast off. It sounded cool for a little bit, then broke the rest of the way, and was UNGODLY loud. It was just coming straight out of the flex pipe. My brother helped me fix that.

I know there's more, but I can't think of them right now...

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1990 Honda Accord EX

1990 Honda Accord EX

1990 Honda Accord EX

I almost stuck the sign on the cop car...
At Justin's Old House

Jennifer, Aric, and Ben

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